Vegan and organic treatments

Personalised treatments where nature plays the starring role

100% natural products with maximum purity and concentration of active ingredients that provide long-lasting benefits for all pathologies reflected in our body and skin to give a balance between body and mind.

Bio Facials: Treatments designed to give extraordinary results, blends of 100% natural products combined with ayurvedic and traditional facial massage techniques that are personalised to suit individual needs.

Bio Massages: Ancient ayurvedic massage technique that uses an overall holistic approach and a selection of Bio oils with therapeutic properties. When massages reach the soul.

Kati-Abhyanga Massage
Tridoshic ayurvedic massage for the back and rear of the legs with a selection of oils with medicinal properties and personalised in line with the Dosha (type and/or pathology).
Duration 45min | Price per person 90€

Marma-Abhyanga Ritual
Full body massage with anointed medicinal oils to nourish the body and joints, providing personalised balance in line with the Dosha.
Stress, inflammation and muscle pain (Pitta), stress-nervousness and joint pain (Vata), Detox and vitality (Kapha).
Duration 75min | Price per person 135€

Bio-Ecological Facial
Personalized facial treatments according to the needs of the skin, with 100% natural products and a combination of ancient and Ayurvedic techniques (facial hygiene, balancing-detox, nourishing, anti-aging ...).
Duration 45min | Price per person 100€

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