Great rituals

Suitable for people looking for an experience that provides unforgettable sensations and balance between body and mind. Magical moments for dreamers

Cala del Pi Arrels Ritual
Unique and exclusive signature ritual, Cala del Pi’s quintessential ritual. Includes peeling with sea salt and body massage. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be carried away, feel the essence of pine on your body, the to-ing and fro-ing and coolness of the waves, and the warmth of the sun on the sand of the beach. Experience, feel and enjoy the region on your skin; this wellness ritual will leave an impression on you and create a bond with the territory.
Duration 75min | Price per person 135€

Marma Abhyanga Ritual
Ayurvedic ritual involving Indian massage and the use of medicinal oils, in which the massage technique is tailored to the needs or ailments of the client, stimulating the three most important marma points and nourishing the body and the spirit. This massage is used for preventative healthcare and providing balance.
Duration 75min | Price per person 135€

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