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Breath the sea

Landscape and unwinding on the Costa Brava

It goes without saying that walking on the sand, breathing in the sea breeze, consciously standing in front of the waves, looking at the horizon and taking a swim have invaluable positive effects on a physical and mental level.

Take advantge of the fact that we are located by the seashore and the coastal path, an inlet with crystal clear waters. "Stand still and breathe", you will notice that stress and anxiety levels are reduced, you willl sleep better, your serotonin levels will increase and your skin will be rewarded.

Let us guide you and enjoy a different experience in an idyllic setting!

  • Double room wih Breakfast Included
  • 80 minute guided walk leaving from Cala del Pi and heading to a quiet cove surrounded by lush vegetation, which can only be accessed by boat or on foot.
  • During the activity , we will work on pranayamas (breathing exercises) and take a short break to enjoy a conscious swin or do yoga, while enjoying the spectacular views all around us.
  • A sensory experience where we will enjoy the textures of the sand, the rocks, the smells of the vegetation, the sound of the waves and the birds that will accompany us along the way.
  • Spa Access

To guarantee security measures, both to access the Spa and to carry out our treatments and massages is necessary to book in advance.

You can book this experience Breath the sea through our website, by calling the hotel (972.82.84.29) or by email: hotelcpi@salleshotels.com.

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Or call us at +34 972 828 429 or write to us at hotelcpi@salleshotels.com

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